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Cooney Freezeblock Fluid Coil

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Freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure in the HVAC industry. Although freeze-stats, expensive controls, preheat coils, and glycol are commonly used, fluid coils frequently freeze and rupture, resulting in equipment down-time and costly repairs from the resulting water damage. More reliable technology for damage protection is now available.

The Cooney Freeze Block by Coilmaster is designed to allow ice to form within the tubes, without restriction, by discharging a small amount of water into the drain pan. Therefore, the ice has enough room to form inside the tubes, without causing damage to the tubes.

This patented technology utilizes intermediate expansion headers at each tube pass throughout the coil. Each expansion header has a factory installed Cooney Freeze Block Valve that is both pressure and thermally activated. The valve will open when outside air below 35 degrees F comes in contact with the header or return end of the coil, or when the internal pressure of the coil exceeds 300 PSI. The valve will automatically reseat and allow the coil to resume normal operation, when the pressure decreases, or when the temperature increases. In addition, a brass-body vacuum breaker, located near the top of the header, insures that condensate can gravity-drain from the coil. Both the Freeze Block Valve and the vacuum breaker can be removed for replacement or service, and have convenient wrench flats.


Steam coils protected by Cooney Freeze Block boast a minimum copper tube-wall thickness of 0.025″, providing reliability in heating solutions for process and comfort applications. In addition, clearance is allowed for tubes to thermally expand/contract freely, eliminating the potential for tube failure at endplates. Our steam coils are designed to remove all of the latent heat to condense steam and provide condensate removal, both key to optimum heat transfer. Features include choice of supply from both ends of the coil, and supply/return connections on the same or opposite ends of the coil. Pitched casings insure condensate removal and performance reliability for vertical or horizontal air flow. Typical applications include tempering return air, re-heating supply air, process heating and heating for VAV systems. Available tube diameters include both 5/8″ and 1″. AHRI certification and UL recognition apply. There is no loss of capacity, and no increase in air pressure drop for coils protected by Cooney Freeze Block.

Product Drawings

Cooney Freeze Block Standard Steam Coil Assembly Drawing PDF 147 kB File Size

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Cooney Freeze Block Standard Steam Coil Drawing

Cooney Freeze Block Steam Distributing Coil Assembly Drawing PDF 144 kB File Size

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Cooney Freeze Block Steam Distributing Coil Drawing

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