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Coilmaster's offering of steam coils boasts a minimum copper tube-wall thickness of 0.025″, providing reliability in heating solutions for process and comfort applications. In addition, clearance is allowed for tubes to thermally expand/contract freely, eliminating the potential for tube failure at endplates. Our steam coils are designed to remove all of the latent heat to condense steam and provide condensate removal, both key to optimum heat transfer.


Utilized as an economical choice for general purpose or process heating, standard steam coils are the choice when inlet air temperatures will not fall below freezing. Our flexibility offers our customers the choice of supply/return connections on the same end or opposite ends of the coil. Additionally, we offer pitched casings to insure condensate removal for vertical or horizontal air flow. Typical applications include tempering return air, re-heating supply air, process heating and heating for VAV systems.

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Coilmaster Coils are Certified
Coilmaster Coils are Certified ASHRAE ARI-410
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