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The Coilmaster Summit Line of remote air cooled condensers covers the range of 4 to 245 tons for air-conditioning duty, and can be circuited for multi-compressor systems for either refrigeration or air-conditioning.

Our extensive manufacturing processes give us the capability of a high level of output while maintaining flexibility in providing customized units. With a standard cabinet of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, we can offer stainless steel, aluminum, and painted cabinets to meet the requirements of most any application. And for applications that require corrosion protection on the coil, we offer coil coatings that will protect against the most corrosive environments.

Our experience with control systems assures our customers that we can provide capacity control from fan cycling, to VFD-controlled fans, to integration with existing control systems. Our design lends itself to customization as required by the particular application.

From the replacement unit to the more unique OEM requirement, we have you covered on capabilities!


The Coilmaster Summit line of condensers are the ideal solution for heat rejection in supermarkets, process applications, chillers, pool dehumidification, and a myriad of other systems. With operating efficiency and refrigerant charge the primary design considerations, you have the assurance that you will get the best value and longevity available in the industry when you purchase a Summit unit.

Designed primarily for outdoor use, our units can also be installed in parking garages and thru-the-wall where there is free flow of inlet and discharge air. Whether a new system or replacing an existing condenser, the Summit units will insure optimum system capacity.

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Coilmaster Coils are Certified ASHRAE ARI-410
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