Steam Distributing Coil

Capabilities Overview

Features include choice of supply from both ends of the coil, and supply/return connections on the same or opposite ends of the coil. Pitched casings insure condensate removal and performance reliability for vertical or horizontal air flow.


Due to their tube-within-tube design, steam distributing coils provide a level of protection against freezing in low-temp applications. The inner tube insures live steam the full length of the coil, keeping a constant outside tube temperature under all conditions.

Steam enters through the supply connection and into the internal distribution tubes. Directional dispersion holes meter the flow of steam from inside the distribution tube into the annular region between the tubes. The steam then condenses and flows into the return header. Steam Distributing coils maintain a constant temperature rise across the face of the coil while facilitating condensate drainage.

A common misconception of steam distributing coils is that they provide non-freeze protection. While all coils are subject to freezing under the right conditions, we prefer to use the term that steam distributing coils are "freeze-resistant".

Supply pre-heat, outside air tempering, and modulating steam applications are typical uses for steam distributing coils.

Product Drawings

Steam Distributing Coil Assembly Drawing

Steam Distributing Coil Non Freeze Drawing

Download Assembly Drawing PDF 83 kB File Size

Steam Distributing Coil Pitched Case Assembly Drawing

Steam Distributing Coil with Pitched Casing Drawing

Download Pitched Case Assembly Drawing PDF 80 kB File Size

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