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Coilmaster’s fluid cooler line offers units ranging from 1 to 14 fans, with the choice of single and double-fan width units in many models. With vertical air flow as standard, we offer our customers the option of horizontal air flow for many models where there is limited space.

We custom circuit each unit for the particular operating conditions to insure optimum performance and energy efficiency. Our offering of 3/8”, ½”, and 5/8” tube options allows us to design for reasonable fluid pressure drops at most any flow rate.

The modular design of the product gives our customers the option of customization for special motors, or other unique features that are not a part of the standard unit offering. In addition, our customers can rely on our expertise for factory-installed controls to integrate with any building system, or stand-alone controls for capacity control.

Our capabilities go well beyond the ordinary; let us put our resources to work for you!


The Coilmaster offering of fluid coolers are the first choice for process cooling, economizer applications (free cooling), and any requirement for closed-loop cooling systems utilizing water or brine.

With the option of heavier-wall tubing and fin thickness, they can be utilized for industrial applications where longevity is of primary concern. They are also commonly installed for commercial use in pool dehumidification systems and data centers, to name a few.

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Coilmaster Coils are Certified
Coilmaster Coils are Certified ASHRAE ARI-410
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